Dehydration is a mod which adds thirst to the player to make Minecraft more balanced in the view of existing hunger. Drinkable water has polution levels and there are a few ways to clear water just like in medieval times.


Visually the mod adds droplets to the players hud above the hunger bar to indicate how much water is left in the players body. If those droplets are empty the player will start to get damage every 4 seconds.

Thirst doesn’t have the exact same mechanic like hunger. Hunger in Minecraft has saturation which thirst doesn’t. If the players thirst level is below 6 (3 droplets), the player won’t be able to sprint anymore. During sleep the player will loose 2 droplets of water.

Water is classified in three different polution levels:

Dirty: 75% chance of thirst effect, 25s

Impurified: 37,5% chance of thirst effect, 25s

Purified: 0% chance of thirst effect

Water is by default dirty and can be purified in different ways.

The player can drink water from a water source block when he is sneaking but has a 75% to get the thirst effect since it is not purified water which gets consumed. Water can be purified at a campfire cauldron or by putting a water bottle inside a furnace or on a campfire.


This section is about the blocks and items which Dehydration adds to Minecraft.

Campfire Cauldrom
Copper Cauldron
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