Void Shadow

The Void Shadow is the final end boss in Minecraft seen in a different void than the one you probably know.

The Void Shadow will summon Void Shades all over the void to attack all intruders, throw blocks onto them which give hunger, blindness and slowness effects, will partly destroy the platform to decrease the space where the intruder can move to and can only get damaged by destroying Void Fragments which are summoned during the fight. There are two types of Void Fragments, only one of them damage the Shadow but all of them have to get destroyed. It always hovers around the void platform but if it has less than half of its health points (indicated by getting black) it gets in a death mode where it runs to the middle of the platform where it can get damaged by melee attacks. It is invulnerable to arrows and effects


The Void Shadow spawns a shadow chest on its death where the player can find rare things and grants all players the Fame effect which is needed to breed the dragon egg. The chest contains the source stone and can contain ender pearls, iron ingots, emeralds, diamonds, gold ingots, golden apples, experience bottles and enchanted books with the best enchantments you have ever seen. If Medieval Weapons is installed you can even find a Thalleous Sword in it.


The Void Shadow can be found (only if VoidZ is installed) in the void dimension. The void dimension can get entered only by the floating island which spawned when The Eye got killed.

Void Shadow
Type Boss
Health Points 1000
Attack Strength 10
Drops Shadow Chest
ID void_shadow
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