The Eye

The Eye was never seen before by any human being and will drain all any energy you got until you are a dead corps.

The Eye will slowly heal itself if it is damaged and shoots laser beams onto the player which can get stopped by damaging it during the beam attack. It will shoot smaller versions of itself to confuse the player and if those small eyes hit the player, he will get teleported around. It can also duplicate itself during a fight. Those duplicates will also shoot laser beams, try to defend the main Eye but only live for a certain time. The Eye will split in three parts if it has less then the half of his health points.


The Eye drops 0 -1 prime eyes and will create a floating island on its death which can lead to the Void Shadow (if VoidZ is installed) or contains the stolen dragon egg.


The Eye can only be summoned at an Eye Shrine.

The Eye
Type Boss
Health Points 800
Attack Strength 4
Drops Prime Eye (0-1)
ID the_eye
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