The Summoner is a magician and rules an unknown world. His staff gives it tremendous power. 


The Summoner will summon mostly Skeleton Vanguards to attack actively the player but during night times it can also summon zombies and skeletons. It can also teleport itself if the enemy is too close and make itself invulnerable for a certain time indicated by a magic aura. If the player tries to shoot it with a ranged weapon it sometimes throws thunder on them.


The Summoner drops 0 – 1 diamonds and 0 – 1 enchanted book with an enchanting level of 30.


The Summoner will spawn during thunderstorms when a thunderbolt hits the ground.

Type Hostile
Health Points 55
Attack Strength 6
Drops Diamond (0-1)
Enchanted Book (0-1)
ID summoner
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