Soul Reaper

The Soul Reaper is the deadly variant of the wither skeleton, knows how to use a bow and sword to destroy everything that gets in its way.


The Soul Reaper fights with a bow if the enemy is further away and its shoot arrows are soaked in wither. At close distance it will switch to a sharp netherite sword which is also soaked in wither. While it rides the Nightmare, it is faster on soul sand.


The Soul Reaper drops 0 – 2 coal, 0 – 2 bones and 0 – 1 wither skeleton skulls.


The Soul Reaper spawns in the soul sand valley with its mount the Nightmare.

Soul Reaper
Type Hostile
Health Points 120
Attack Strength 8
Bow (8)
Drops Coal (0-2)
Bone (0-2)
Wither Skeleton Skull (0-1)
ID soul_reaper
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