The Shaman is a swamp lizard, skilled in witchcraft and knows how to use dark magic. Its head is protected with a skull and the staff gives it mystic power.


The Shaman mainly summons other hostile mobs for helping to defend the swamp of invaders like the cave spider, zombie, skeleton or spider. It will also cast weakness and poison onto the player and rarely shoot thunderbolts if it gets attacked on distance. On close distance the magic staff will be used to hit the enemy.


The Shaman drops 0 – 1 slimeballs, 0 – 1 feathers, 0 – 1 fermented spider eyes, 0 – 1 brown and red mushrooms and 0 – 1 scute.


Shamans spawn in swamp biomes.

Type Hostile
Health Points 40
Attack Strength 6
Drops Slimeball (0-1)
Feather (0-1)
Fermented Spider Eye (0-1)
Brown Mushroom (0-1)
Red Mushroom (0-1)
Scute (0-1)
ID shaman
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