Piglin Beast

The Piglin Beast is the boss of all piglins, carries a big club with it and has the leader flag attached to its belt.


The Piglin Beast will call all nearby piglins to gather together and will try to hit the player with his club.


The Piglin Beast drops 1 – 3 gold ingots, 0 – 1 netherite scrap and very rarely the piglin flag with which nearby angry piglins can get calmed down.


The Piglin Beast will only spawn in the nether when the player tries to mine nether gold ore or when the piglins call it for help.

Piglin Beast
Type Hostile
Health Points 80
Attack Strength 9
Drops Gold Ingot (1-3)
Netherite Scrap (0-1)
Piglin Flag Block (0-1)
ID piglin_beast
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