The orc is an avoided creature, quite angry all the time and loves shiny items.


Orcs typically wander around in small groups, lead by a big orc. They hunt villagers but also try to kill players for their goods. Smaller orcs will try to grab a tool item from the player and run away with it.


Orcs drop 0 – 2 orc skin which can get fed to the dragon, 0 – 1 emerald, 0 – 1 lead, 0 – 1 name tag and 0 – 1 saddle. Those different drops come from robbed villager traders.


Orcs spawn in the plains biome.

Type Hostile
Health Points 22 (+16, +32)
Attack Strength 3 (+2, +4)
Drops Orc Skin (0-2)
Emerald (0-1)
Lead (0-1)
Name Tag (0-1)
Saddle (0-1)
ID orc
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