The dark Necromancer made nether fortresses to its home. It learned how to use dark magic and will summon Wither Puppets to protect itself from enemies.

Necromancers summons small puppets which look like downsized wither skeletons to defend its fortress from invaders. Those puppets will chase the player and share the wither effect. The necromancer can also magically summon a hidden effect onto the player and hit it with its staff if you get to close. Usually it runs away and does its puppets do the defending job.


The necromancer drops 1 Р3 gold nuggets and 0 Р1 enchanted book with an enchanting level of 30.


Necromancer spawn in nether fortresses.

Type Hostile
Health Points 45
Attack Strength 5
Drops Gold Nugget (1-3)
Enchanted Book (0-1)
ID necromancer
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