The Dragon is the child of the Ender Dragon. It is peaceful but does not like orcs very much. Often they differ from other dragons by other eye colors, ears and tail scales. 


Dragons are passive creatures, don’t attack mobs by themselves but can breath fire when fully grown (default key: “^” or grave accent)


When the player has the fame effect, given when defeating The Eye (or when VoidZ is installed, given when the Void Shadow is defeated) and a dragon egg is nearby, it will slowly start to hatch, indicated by green particles which occur from time to time. The hatching process can take up to one Minecraft day (up to 10 minutes). After the dragon hatched, it has to grow if the player wants to ride it. The growing process can speed up by feeding the dragon with orc skin (It will only eat when it is hungry). The first age to grow takes about 5 minutes without any feeding. If it grew up to this age, the player can put on a dragon saddle and ride the dragon with the default key “space” to take off and fly up and fly down with default key “left alt”. If the dragon is in its second age, it can carry a chest with it, open it with the default key “e”. When the dragon is fully grown, it can breath fire as described under the combat topic. The dragon can fed with orc skin but also other types of raw meat for heeling it.

Type Passive
Health Points 60
Attack Strength 9
Drops If DragonLoot present Dragon Scale (0-1)
ID dragon
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