Blaze Guardian

The Blaze Guardian is, as the name says, the guardian of the blazes. It will defend blaze spawners from players until it is death. Its surrounding shields protect it thereby.


As other blazes, they guardian shoots fireballs at the player. Its surrounding shields protect it but can get destroyed with melee weapons. If the player gets to close it will start to sprinkle flames around it and after a few moments a strong explosion occurs. Blaze spawners are deactivated if a Guardian is nearby.


The Blaze Guardian drops 0 – 1 blaze rod.


Blaze Guardians spawn next to blaze spawners in nether fortresses but can also appear in nether wastes.

Blaze Guardian
Type Hostile
Health Points 40
Attack Strength 9
Fire Explosion: 60
Fireball: 5 + 5s Flame
Drops Blaze Rod (0-1)
ID blaze_guardian
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