Blackstone Golem

The Blackstone Golem is the most deadliest creature in the world of Minecraft. Summoned at the Golem Altar, it will destroy the world until it killed all players.


The Stone Golem will start to get flooded with lava when summoned and shouts loud when it awakens. The golem throws then rocks at the player which do a lot of damage and gives some bad effects like hunger, slowness and blindness. It throws them only if the player isn’t too far away and also not too close. It will chase the player and tries to hit it with his arms, breaking blocks if those are between the player and the golem. When it has only half of its health points left, it will start to rage and get in a rage mode where it is faster and stronger. After death it will split in half and two smaller golems will appear to revenge its death.


The Stone Golem drops 3 – 7 blackstones, 0 – 2 ancient debris, 0 – 2 netherite scrap, 0 – 1 gilded netherite fragment which is used for upgrading netherite armor to gilded netherite armor and 0 – 1 stone golem heart which is a ingredient for the golem arm but can also used to upgrade an iron golem or you can replace your heart with it to get the stoned heart effect.


The Stone Golem can only be summoned with a golem ritual while being in the nether

Blackstone Golem
Type Boss
Health Points 600
Attack Strength 14
Thrown Rock (16)
Drops Blackstone (3-7)
Ancient Debris (0-2)
Netherite Scrap (0-2)
Gilded Netherite Fragment (0-1)
Stone Golem Heart (0-1)
ID stone_golem
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